LoLTrivia FAQs

Q: Is this bot open source?

A: No, sorry. The code is currently not in a state that I feel comfortable publishing it in. I might open source it at some point, but there are no plans to do so in the near future.

Q: Can I have this bot on my server?

A: No, sorry. Right now the bot is made to run on one single discord server as well as the r/lol IRC channel (#r/leagueoflegends on Quakenet). It isn't intended to run on other servers in its current state.

Q: Where do the questions come from?

A: None of the questions are actually written down, the are all generated from Riot Static API data.

Q: The bot is down. Help!

A: The bot should "fix itself" after a few minutes. If it still doesn't work then direct message me on discord (stallone#7129).

Q: I found a bug, now what?

A: Direct message me on discord (stallone#7129). Please include a screenshot if possible!

Q: What language is this bot written in?

A: C# / .NET Framwork. For the Discord interaction I use the Discord.Net API wrapper and for the data to generate questions I use the Riot Static API.

Q: Who made this bot?

A: stallone - @stallone#7129 on Discord - Stall0ne on reddit

Q: I really enjoy LoLTrivia. How can I support it?

A: I'm glad you like it! For more info on how you can support LoLTrivia and on how to get the Supporter Scoreboard Badge contact me on Discord (@stallone#7129 on Discord). Thank you.